Principal's Message

From The Principal's Desk

Peace can be made and kept only by the united determination of the free and peace loving people who are willing to work together, willing to help one another- willing to respect and tolerate and try to understand one another’s opinion and feelings. International co-operation, on which enduring peace must be based is not a one-way street. - (USA President Roosevelt)
It is said that every child has some God gifted qualities by birth. The only need is to indentify the skills, keep on sharpening them and provide an enabling environment, careful nurturing, and a spring board for meaningful blossoming. Honing and effective use of unbound talents.
It is matter of great pride and pleasure to welcome you to SKM School Haldwani, Uttarakhand – DEV BHOOMI – THE LAND OF GOD’S AND GODDESSES. Since its inception in 1991 SKM has served the community through enabling its students to reach the top and we aspire to do the same in the years ahead.
In accordance with “Shree Kedar Educational and Social Welfare Society’s motto” VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM. We inspire students with a challenging, local and international education in pursuit of academic excellence and social success.
Skmians are always under the shelter of highly qualified and experienced staff who guide them at every step and ensure them about their care, need and attention. To develop maximum potentialities in our students, our staff leaves no stone unturned.
Modern infrastructure well equipped separate science labs, computer lab, well stacked library. Music room and Basket Ball court are the essential part of SKM.
We the family of SKM hope that with the divine blessings of the Lord we will be able to fulfill our promises more consciously, honestly and dedicatedly. We pledge that we will try our best to provide quality education to blossom the students of our school and imbibe the spirit of “ Vasudev Kutumkam”.

Gopal Krishan Baghi